The author’s father, Rev. Andrews, moves his family to a city in southern Idaho. There the family faces taunts and threats. Fast forward to the present. By now the author’s family has passed away. After years of emotional distance from his father, the author falls into a personal abyss of dysfunction while trying to keep his own life of pastoral ministry and sacrifice together. What follows is an honest account of the darkness of depression and the healing journey to emotional health.

About The Book

My Story of life with my father Rev. Emery Andrews and the WWII Japanese American Internment

(Volume 2 of 3 from Series "Balancing On Barbed Wire")

Special Features:
**Full Color Book with Historical Andrews Family Photoalbums in each chapter

**Special note from Corean Andrews, wife of author E. Brooks Andrews


  • 8. Three Houses
    9. Army Chaplain
    10. Travelling Man
    11. Sentimental Journey
    12. The Hero Is Down
    13. I Never Danced With My Father
    14. The Dark Room With No Window

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About the Author

E. Brooks Andrews (Emery Brooks Andrews) is the bestselling author of "Balancing On Barbed Wire Series”:

Volume 1: Balancing on Barbed Wire
Volume 2: Valley of Weeping
Volume 3: The Longest Journey

My Story of life with my father Rev. Emery Andrews and the WWII Japanese American Internment.

E. Brooks Andrews is also a public figure, author, key note speaker, educator and has appeared in film interviews. He is also featured in the documentary film “Act of Faith: The Rev. Emery Andrews Story” (Sponsored by Nitto Tires Inc.)

He actively participates in the Minidoka pilgrimages as well as speaking to public schools of his family’s ministry to the Japanese community, especially during the incarceration of the Issei and Nisei at Minidoka during WWII. Brooks Andrews is a former board member for the “Friends of Minidoka.”

E. Brooks is the son of the Rev. Emery “Andy” Andrews who served as the English pastor at the Japanese Baptist church from 1929 to 1955. Brooks and his wife, Corean, enjoy living in a small beach home in Washington State.

E. Brooks Andrews is a best selling published author, speaker and educator. He is available for public speaking engagements, interviews, film and other special guest appearances.

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